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Board of Directors
TOFM is in URGENT NEED of women to join our board and help us plan and execute our mornings. Your gifts and talents could be such a blessing to our organization. Please consider joining us! If you'd like to know more, send us a message via the button at the bottom of this page.  



The Board Chair prepares agendas and leads monthly meetings, providing vision and direction for the team. She oversees all aspects of the organization which include maintaining a charitable status, board member engagement, fundraising, and content planning.

Current Board Chair: Monica Nolan 


Vice Chair

The Vice Chair provides support for the Chair as necessary and works closely with speakers and facilitators who join us on Wednesday morning sessions. She ensures an environment of hospitality, organization, and clear communication.

Current Vice Chair: Jennifer Chad 



The Secretary produces detailed meeting minutes and important records for the organization. She shares  the responsibilities of signing authority, fundraising, communication with financial benefactors, and program event planning.

Current Secretary: Valerie O'Grady 



The treasurer manages the program finances which includes budgeting, operating expenses, registration fees, fundraising, and tax receipts. She leads the discussions regarding finances during meetings and ensures a spirit of generosity and stewardship. 

Current Treasurer: Carmen Kolla



The Registrar receives and manages program registrations. She is also responsible for email communication to the membership, volunteer scheduling, and creating an environment of inclusion and engagement.

Current Registrar: Jolie Phaneuf 

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Prayer Coordinator

The Prayer coordinator discerns themes and begins each morning meeting with prayer. She is responsible for planning a board member retreat, communication with the parish priest, and organization of daily mass and reconciliation once during each term.

Current Prayer Coordinator: Maria Cronin


Childcare Coordinator 

The Childcare coordinator works with hired and volunteer caregivers for the childcare program. She is responsible for overseeing the childcare team who work together to set up and take down the childcare space, ensure children safety, and manage toys and materials. ​

Current Childcare Coordinator: Sarah Witzel, Maria Cronin


Social / Fundraising Coordinator

The Social Coordinator organizes evening social events once per term, creates a summer park schedule, and leads fundraising initiatives as needed. She is someone who welcomes and supports new members of TOFM and creates an environment of beauty for our mornings and events.

Current Social and Fundraising Coordinator: Katelyn Peterson


Food Coordinator

The Food Coordinator organizes a spread of nourishing food for moms on Wednesday mornings. She is responsible for delegating and completing tasks related to the food such as purchase and preparation, maintaining knowledge of allergies and cleaning up at the end of each morning.​

Current Food Coordinator: Jessica Riendeau 


Media & Technology Coordinator 

The Media and Technology Coordinator manages the website and social media accounts of TOFM. She meets the technology needs of speakers, completes digital design work, and ensures the internet presence of our organization reflects our values and mission.

Current Media & Technology Coordinator: Vacant

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