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Our Mission Statement

Time Out For Moms (TOFM) will foster spiritual growth for Catholic mothers that will enhance their daily
living in their Christian faith for themselves and their family.

About Us

Time Out for Moms (TOFM) is a Catholic enrichment group that was formed in the 1990s to help support women in their vocation of motherhood. For almost 30 years TOFM has offered spiritual sustenance to its members through catechesis and faith formation as well as prayer experiences in the Diocese of Saskatoon.


An average of 50 mothers meet Wednesday mornings at Holy Family Cathedral for sessions in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Each morning begins with a time of prayer followed by a session which is led by a speaker. We end our mornings with group discussions. Our topics include Catholic faith formation, marriage and family life, and general interest topics that help us in our roles as wives, mothers, and homemakers.


For the last two years, Time Out For Moms has been dormant due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. With God’s grace and providence, TOFM will begin again renewed and rejuvenated.

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