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We offer childcare for all ages

Homeschooling families are welcome

Toys and light snacks are provided


Childcare Configuration

Time out for Moms has a team of six paid caregivers and several volunteers.

These childcare providers are responsible for the setup and facilitating of one large and one small childcare room. The children will now be together in the Holy Family Cathedral Hall.  All of the childcare providers are in adherence with the Diocese of Saskatoon Covenant of Care and Safeguarding Action Plan.

The Board of Directors works closely with childcare providers to ensure compassionate and diligent care of the children present

while their mothers are together in a separate space.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a paid childcare provider, click below and fill out a registration form.  A police record check as well as Covenant of Care training is required for all volunteers and childcare providers associated with the Diocese of Saskatoon. 

Time Out For Moms is always welcoming new volunteer caregivers to join our team. In the absence of an adequate number of volunteers, we will be asking members of Time Out For Moms to occasionally volunteer in the childcare rooms.   

For insurance purposes we cannot allow mothers to bring children which are non-family members. This includes babysitting or daycare children. 

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